Upcoming Events

August 1,8,15,22 (Thursdays)"Ceilidh @ The Corner" Package - Carriage ride, meal and music.
August 17th, 6pm (Sat)"Bard of the Plains" by Iain MacPherson, soup, cash bar and lecture
August 21st, 2pm (Wed)"The Middlemore Children" The Home Children by Sara Underwood - Tea
September 21st, 2-4pm, (Sat)Book Launch: Listening for the Dead Bells, Marian Bruce, Tea by donation
August 27th, 1pm (Tues)"Yr. Obedient Servant" Samuel Johnson by Terry Pratt
October 13th, 1pm (Sun)Official Opening of Lindsay Property with guest speaker Gary Schneider
October 14th, 1;30PM (Mon)Thanksgiving Dinner
October 16th, 6pm (Wed)McRobie Lecture (Dr Mullally - with the Medical History Society)
November 17th, 11am (Sun)Christmas Craft Fair
November 23rd, 5:30pm (Sat)Christmas Dinner
November 24th, 1:30pm (Sun)Christmas Dinner
November 29th, 6pm (Fri)Christmas Dinner
November 30th, 5:30 pm (Sat)Christmas Dinner
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