An Leabhar Liath or The Light Blue Book

500 Years of Gaelic love and transgressive verse‘.

We are delighted to welcome Iain MacPherson back to the Macphail Homestead! A lecturer in Irish and Celtic Studies at the University of Ulster and a Scottish Gaelic speaker with strong roots in Prince Edward Island.

Harry Baglole, Iain MacPherson & Dr. Tiber Falzett

Iain recently co-edited “The Light Blue Book” subtitled  ‘500 Years of Gaelic love and transgressive verse‘.  The book ‘offers poems that are erotic, rude, seditious and transgressive; that deal with love, sex, the body, politics and violent passion; and that are by turns humorous, disturbing, shocking and enlightening.’

Iain is an entertaining speaker and the topic promises to be interesting! The poems are in Gaelic but Iain will translate and explain so a knowledge of the Gaelic language is not necessary but will add to your enjoyment if you are.

“The Light Blue Book is ‘Exuberant, unapologetic… a triumph of scholarship and translation!'” David Wheatley of the London Times Literary Supplement (16 June 2017).

Iain MacPherson also a documentary film maker, having presented, produced, written and co-directed three hour-long Gaelic docs for BBC Scotland/BBC Alba; and, a published poet and translator in English, Gaelic and French.
Of his ‘island connections’ Iain says the following: My mum, Barbara Ann MacKinnon, was born and raised in the Murray Harbour train station. All my maternal side of the family are from PEI. My maternal grandmother was Grace Bell LeLacheur from Guernsey Cove who married my grandfather Ern MacKinnon from Hunter River. High Bank is where my parents have their house but we’ve no real High Bank connections. It’s all Guernsey Cove, Murray Harbour, Hunter River, Canoe Cove and Desable. Before PEI my mum’s side came from the Isle of Skye, the Isle of Mull and Guernsey.”
“I’ve scores of cousins all over our end of the Island, though all my great-aunts and great-uncles and indeed my beloved gramma MacKinnon are all now no longer with us.”
His Island roots certainly run deep although he was born and raised in Alberta.  So please join us on Friday evening August 18th at 7:30. The Veranda Cafe is open all day for meals. The lecture will commence at 7:30. Please make reservations for both.




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