Veranda Café

Veranda Café

Desserts and Beverages are available from 10am – 4pm, Tuesday – Saturday,  July – September.

Sir Andrew Macphail was known to have parties with a variety of guests, including L.M Montgomery, Earl Gray, Stephen Leacock, John McCrae, and many more. To keep this tradition alive, Chef Joel Short created a menu for our cook Linda Hunter. The Veranda Café allows guests to have a taste of the Macphail’s Scottish background and produce grown in our own gardens.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have a reduced menu. Come for our lovely desserts and tea or coffee. If you’re hungry we do have two delicious soups with a biscuit (Gluten-free available) for your enjoyment.


Physical Address

271 Macphail Park Road
Orwell, near Vernon River
(Behind Orwell Corner Historic Village)

Mailing Address
Macphail Foundation
271 MacPhail Park Road
Vernon Bridge
PE C0A 2E0